Leadership Team

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Leadership Team

President: Shawn Gretz

Current Role - Since being promoted to President of Americollect in 2018, Shawn Gretz has resided over $1.6 billion in revenue recovery and providers have entrusted Americollect with over $10 billion in placements of accounts for recovery during that same period. Shawn leads the Senior Leadership Team in direction and strategy for the organization with the Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance functions reporting directly to him.

Historic Role – Prior to his role as President, Shawn was responsible for the sales and marketing functions of Americollect for 15 years, helping grow Americollect by 4000% in that time.

Industry - Shawn is an active volunteer for HFMA Wisconsin. He has served as Region 7 Regional Executive, President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and three years as the VP of Programs. In 2020, he earned his HFMA Fellowship designation and was appointed to the HFMA National Advisory Council Revenue Cycle Committee for a two-year term. Shawn has been an active volunteer with AAHAM for several years and is a past president of the Wisconsin Chapter. In 2010, Shawn was awarded the President’s Award for AAHAM Wisconsin.

Education - Shawn graduated from UW Oshkosh with a bachelor’s degree in Business, majoring in Marketing and Operations Management. Shawn also graduated from UW Oshkosh’s Executive MBA program with a Master's of Business Administration in 2016.

Vice President: Luke Check

Current Role – In 2019, Luke Check was promoted to VP of Operations. Luke handles all things operations for Americollect including IT. Luke is responsible for optimizing recovery of accounts, portfolio and project workflows, IT success, and implementations of new technology and partners.

Historic Role – Luke began with Americollect helping out with several different processes during college and as a collector over the summers while getting his degree. In 2008, Luke Check officially joined Americollect in a sales role. In 2015, he became the Director of EBO helping to build out the needed infrastructure for a standalone service offering.

Industry - Luke was the previous President of HFMA Eastern Michigan (now Great Lakes Chapter). He currently volunteers for ACA's governmental relations committee to help shape regulations and responses to government agencies.

Education - Luke graduated from UW Milwaukee with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.