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Collections - the Ridiculously Nice way!​

Ridiculously Nice Collections

Ridiculously Nice Collections. It’s more than just a phrase at Americollect, it’s how we treat everyone – from you and your staff to the patients you treat – every time we interact with them, and it’s been that way since the beginning in 1964.

In 1999, Kenlyn Gretz purchased Americollect after spending 11 years as the company’s Collection Manager. Since taking over the small, 12-employee agency, the Americollect team has grown to over 340 members that serve more than 120 hospitals and 7,000 physicians.

Americollect’s team members have ranked us as a Best Place To Work In Collections 14 out of 15 years, in large part because of our Ridiculously Nice approach.

We have a state-of-the-art, 37,000-square foot facility in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, that was built with the newest technology, and we were able to move 95-percent of our staff and 100-percent of our collectors to work from home situations quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic, all without missing a beat for our clients.

No matter where we are collecting from, we are consistently collecting more than other agencies by doing one thing different – being RIDICULOUSLY NICE. How do we know this approach works? Our clients are surveyed using the Net Promoter Score (Referral Score) and we have received a score of 72 for clients who are eager to refer us, which is higher than Harley Davidson, Apple, Costco and Kohl’s. Our client retention rate is 96%.

Our dialogue is a patient-friendly approach, and our friendly staff consistently draw compliments from patients and clients alike. Our clients are impressed with our flexibility and with the suite of options we offer. We continually grow with our clients and are ready for the challenge of change.

Learn more about our Ridiculously Nice Collections approach and how it provides a better patient experience!

Americollect is proud to abide by the Patient Financial Advocate Pledge. Each patient experience will embody our “NICE” promise, navigate insurance complexity through education.