Protecting your data is top priority


As more of our personal data is stored online, protecting that data should always be a top priority. At Americollect, not only are we Ridiculously Nice to you and your patients, we take every step possible to ensure when you trust us with your patient’s data, that data is as secure as can be.

Americollect is HITRUST CSF certified, a recognition awarded for safeguarding sensitive information. This means that you are protected whether you use our early out solutions, bad debt collections, or both.

Along with being HITRUST CSF Certified, Americollect is 100% healthcare focused. Being focused on healthcare means our teammates know the ins and outs of the healthcare payment landscape and can better assist your patients in understanding – and paying – what they owe. We also place an emphasis on maintaining and utilizing the latest technology when it comes to early out and other services

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