Patient Compliments

Discover the Ridiculously Nice things patients say about us

“Thank you, Heather, for being so kind and helpful. You were the nicest person that I spoke with all day.”
"I wish all my bills came through Americollect. You are so nice to work with."
“OMG, Ruby was the most helpful collector I have ever spoken with. She gave me more information than any other collection agency I have dealt with before. Ruby made my day!“
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Patient Compliments

“Thank you, Heather, for being so kind and helpful. You were the nicest person that I spoke with all day.”

“I wish all my bills came through Americollect. You are so nice to work with.”

“Jennie was very helpful and I really appreciated that!“

“Thank you, Bill, for making this the most enjoyable collections call ever!“

“Nicole was very polite and informative. She helped me with my account. She is a great attribute to your company.”

“Devin was very helpful with clearing up confusion with her community care application.”

“Gina was super understanding which makes me feel better about paying this bill as quickly as possible.”

“I was really happy that Vanessa could help me get this taken care of. She was a sweetheart for helping.”

“Thank you so much Brandon, for being so kind to me. You were like a breath of fresh air.”

“Jennie was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

“Jody was awesome, kind, patient, and helpful. It normally can be hard to find a nice customer service representative.”

“Thank you for calling and for being so darn nice.”

“I was extremely grateful that Hannah took the time to take care of my account and correct the issues that were on it.”

“Rose and Amy were so sweet. You both are number one in my book!“

Patient Compliments

“Desiree was the nicest person I have ever spoken with at a collection agency. Thank you for not being degrading.”

“Tina is the sweetest, nicest, debt collector I have ever spoken with.”

“Rebekah was very friendly and explained how collections works.”

“Jody helped me so much. I appreciated that she even made me laugh. I was scared to call at first but grateful she was able to help me.”

“Brittney was kind and understanding. I also really appreciated her sense of humor.”

“I appreciated that Devin explained things and made it easier for me to understand.”

“I wish everyone cared as much as Stacy. I felt like she actually cared and she was very helpful with getting this resolved for me.“

“At first I didn’t want to pay but then I changed my mind because Jennifer was so nice.“

“Brianna made my day. She was so sweet for not making me feel bad about having something sent to collections. I hope I get to talk with her again.”

“Jennie was awesome. I appreciated her help and for making me feel much better about my account.”

“Ashli was wonderful. Thank you so much for your help. Ashli helped me understand my Medicare!”

“You are truly the nicest collection agency!”

Patient Compliments

“You are all very respectful, kind and you treat people with dignity. I truly appreciated that.“

“Jennie is good at her job and has a great attitude. I was grateful for the time she took to listen to my situation.”

“Stacy was the nicest debt collector. I may have to answer your calls more often.”

“Thank you, Deforest, for being so nice and easy to work with.”

“Dawn, thank you for being understanding and for working with my situation. I really appreciate it.”

“Thank you for all of your help, Ashli, you have provided more help than anyone I have talked with.”

“You really cleared things up for me, Devin. I thank you for that!“

“Kim, you have been great! If I ever have anything in collections again I sure hope it is with you!”

“Barb was the best collector I have talked with in two years!“

“Deforest made me feel like I was talking with a friend. Thank you for your hospitality and treating me well.“

“Stacy was the nicest debt collector. I may have to answer your calls more often.“

“I appreciate that Jennie was willing to work with me. You made my day.“

“Lauren was Ridiculously Nice and helpful.“

“Brooke was very kind which is very helpful in this difficult situation.”

“I appreciated Jessica’s help, a lot! You guys really are nice. I was scared to call but you were great to work with.”