Americollect Highlights their Culture of “Giving” to Celebrate 55 Year Anniversary

The year 2019 marks a milestone for Americollect as they celebrate 55 years of bringing their Ridiculously Nice concept to clients, consumers and the community.

For their 55th anniversary, Americollect decided to highlight their unique culture of fun and giving back to others by presenting employees with a Random Acts of Kindness challenge. Team members are working towards a goal of 550 RAK’s (Random Acts of Kindness) by the end of the year. These RAK’s happen within the walls of Americollect, as well as throughout the community. Americollect team members have already completed more than 125 RAK’s.

“It never ceases to amaze me how considerate and giving our team members are. I hear stories of team members providing transportation to fellow coworkers to ensure they get to work when their car breaks down. We have many individuals lending a hand at grocery stores by assisting others with their grocery bill when they fall a little short or helping elderly individuals get their groceries out to their cars and loaded up. Other team members have purchased food and drinks for others while in fast food lines. Our coworkers are working together to basically do whatever they can to show what Ridiculously Nice really means to us. We have a great team here and I am so proud to look around at all the work everyone is doing to celebrate our 55 years,” stated Kenlyn T. Gretz, CEO of Americollect.

In addition to their RAK’s, Americollect is also raffling $55 to a lucky employee every week and working towards completing 55 5K/10K races by the end of the year. Kenlyn stated, “We thrive on a fun culture here at Americollect and we want to carry out that culture in how we celebrate our 55 years.”

Americollect partners with healthcare systems nationwide, operating two divisions: one serving as a hospital’s customer service team, and the other as a healthcare collection agency. Our team provides a better patient experience by being Ridiculously Nice. 

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