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FCC Makes AI Robocalls Illegal

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Three key points:

  1. The FCC made a declaratory ruling to make AI robocalls illegal.
  2. This will affect bad debt agencies using AI robocalls.
  3. Americollect does not rely on AI for outbound calls.

AI Robocall Ruling

Recently the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made a declaratory ruling to make robocalls that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) voices illegal. A unanimous decision by the commissioners, the new rule labels AI robocalls as “artificial” voices under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and bans them right away.

While the FCC aims to stop scams perpetrated by fraudsters with this ruling, it will have an immediate impact on any call made using AI voices. The TCPA, which was enacted in 1991, already forbids using artificial or recorded voices to call homes without permission. The recent ruling means telemarketers must get written permission before making any robocalls with AI voices, similar to other robocalls.

AI Robocalls in the Revenue Cycle

AI robocalls are working their way into medical debt collection because many bad debt agencies are struggling to find staff. AI provides these organizations a way to make up for fewer collectors making outbound calls. Though this ruling will be a direct blow to these agencies, Americollect will not feel the impact. Because of Americollect’s Ridiculously Nice culture and the fact that we are a leader in our industry, we have not struggled to keep enough staff to support our clients. Live calls are still very important today to the way we collect because so many patients have questions about their bills. Our research shows this is still the way patients prefer to pay! In fact, 86% of our collected dollars come through our Ridiculously Nice phone calls. Our Ridiculously Nice teammates are there to speak to your patients, answer their questions, and help them navigate the healthcare payment landscape.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

This is not the last we will hear about AI robocalls, lawmakers have also shown an interest on the issue. The “Do Not Disturb Act,” was introduced in the House at the end of January this year. This bipartisan package would alter the TCPA and create new disclosure requirements for AI-generated calls and text messages. Americollect will continue to monitor this and other legislation that could have an impact on how we interact with your patients.

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