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Shawn Gretz, Ridiculously Nice Vice President of Sales

I hate doing my taxes. First, there is the waiting to receive my W-2, 1099, 1095, and 10-4. The last one isn’t real, but you know what I mean. Then there is the gathering all the taxes documents together and either calling a CPA and waiting a month for an appointment or working with TurboTax to complete your taxes by yourself. The entire process is time-consuming and tedious. The same can be said about 501r. The connection here is that IRS is behind both pains. Well, if you are experiencing pain with 501r, Americollect is here to help.

If you have found the IRS “oral notification” or “final notice” process tedious or time-consuming for your staff to complete, then let Americollect use our dialing technology and relationship with statement provider to send them on your behalf. Here is the painless process:

  1. Transfer File: Transfer a simple file with the patient demographic information to Americollect with all account balances ready for an oral notification or final notice.
  2. There is no two. The rest we will handle.

This takes a 30-minute setup call with Americollect to ask a few simple questions such as:

  1. What number should patients be sent to if they have questions about financial assistance?
  2. What “Extraordinary Collection Actions” do you perform?
  3. Can I have a copy of your plain language summary?
  4. Can you email me a copy of your logo?

For more information about how Americollect can make 501r “oral notification” or “final notice” painless call Shawn at 920-420-3420 or email shawn@americollect.com. For any other questions about 501r, please call or email Shawn above or visit our website at http://www.americollect.com/knowledge/501r/.

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