Team Americollect

Together we succeed, with Everyone giving their all, our team Achieves our goals, and becomes More impressive every day.

Americollect’s commission is team based and driven by overall company goals. Our team approach has created a culture of collectors who are eager to train new collectors because they see the added value that individual brings to the team. This approach creates an incentive for a senior collector to share their knowledge, tips and expertise with a new collector who does not have the extensive background. This approach provides a unique look on collecting that is not found with many agencies. Collectors are not assigned specific clients; instead, we work the accounts as a team and in a queue setting.

Teamwork maximizes revenue! In addition to our primary dialing queue, Americollect has specialized teams designed to maximize your revenue: Large Balance Team, CRCS-I Insurance Team, Legal Team and Spanish Speaking Team.

Large Balance Team: Americollect knows large balance accounts make a big difference in our client’s bottom line and deserve extra attention. Our best Ridiculously Nice collectors prioritize their day around these large balance private queues. In some cases, your first communication with the consumer may be the last. Why not have a Ridiculously Nice collector who has experience helping patients prioritize their money management handle these calls.

CRCS-I Insurance Team: This team squeezes out payments that slip through the cracks from third party payers. CRCS (Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist) certification is done through the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM). Starting with the first day of an accounts life cycle, Americollect’s insurance team double-checks why the third-party payer denied paymentWe sort accounts that have been filed with insurance yet have not been paid by insurance. Our Ridiculously Nice insurance collectors determine why the account was not paid and pursue the insurance company on the denial or contact the patient for coordination of benefits. We can re-bill insurance claims for our clients too! Insurance companies make money by not paying providers. We make sure our clients are maximizing the third party payer payments. Not only does this greatly benefit your cash flow, it also creates loyal patients, because Americollect is fighting for our client’s patients to ensure their third-party payers are paying what they should.

Legal Team: Americollect’s litigation will be customized to meet our client’s needs. Americollect will accommodate our client’s legal expectations in regards to dollar thresholds and time frame for litigation. Our strategy is to work the account in-house to negotiate payment arrangements. If all else fails, our network of attorneys send a summons and complaint to the patient. Unlike most agencies, we do not relinquish control over the account to our attorneys. We continue to work the account trying to negotiate payment arrangements before the court date. Because we understand your time is valuable, our goal is minimal involvement from your business office. Americollect will do everything possible to avoid your staff having to come to court in the event of a trial. We do this by offering stipulated agreements and payment plans to the patients, instead of creating a “going to battle” type of response.

Spanish Speaking Team: Accounts for consumers that are known to be Spanish speaking are flagged and then exclusively dialed by our Spanish Dialing Team. Inbound Spanish calls are easily transferred to a Spanish speaking Ridiculously Nice Collector. We also have access to an interpreter line as needed for other languages.

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