Ridiculously Nice Collections

Ridiculously Nice Collections

We treat patients with respect and dignity through Ridiculously Nice Collections. Americollect has found that our approach of being Ridiculously Nice has helped improve patient satisfaction while maximizing revenue. Patients prefer to communicate with an agency that treats them with respect and dignity, and therefore, are more likely to pay when they have the means. Our Ridiculously Nice Collections approach guides patient responses, create buy-in and minimizes complaints.

Americollect helps patients understand the complexity of healthcare accounts by educating them with trained healthcare collectors on items such as preventative vs. diagnostic treatments or facility vs. physician charges. This creates a relationship of trust with the patient and helps Americollect recover more money while satisfying patients and clients.

Americollect consistently out-collects the competition by doing the unthinkable – treating our patients Ridiculously Nice. Still unsure? See what your clients had to say.

“I am very grateful for what you are doing for all of us over here! I cannot tell you how much of a workload has been lifted off my shoulders. If there is anything you need or anything you have questions with, please feel free to let me know and I will do what I can to help! It’s always a little rough out of the gate, but we hit the ground running, and it is very much appreciated – by me, by all of us!”

“Americollect is always ready to help and listen to my concerns, then reply/ comment timely I can’t ask for more.”

Most collection agencies claim they are nice. Americollect is Ridiculously Nice We encourage you to ask our clients how nice we treat their patients compared to other collection agencies they currently use or have used in the past.

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