Patient Compliments

Compliments – April 2020


“Thank you, Heather, for being so kind and helpful. You were the nicest person that I spoke with all day.” 


I wish all my bills came through Americollect. You are so nice to work with.”


“Jennie was very helpful and I really appreciated that!


“Thank you, Bill, for making this the most enjoyable collections call ever!


“Nicole was very polite and informative. She helped me with my account. She is a great attribute to your company.”


“Devin was very helpful with clearing up confusion with her community care application.”


“Gina was super understanding which makes me feel better about paying this bill as quickly as possible.”


Compliments – March 2020


“I was really happy that Vanessa could help me get this taken care of. She was a sweetheart for helping.” 


“Thank you so much Brandon, for being so kind to me. You were like a breath of fresh air.” 


“Jennie was an absolute pleasure to work with.”


“Jody was awesome, kind, patient, and helpful. It normally can be hard to find a nice customer service representative.”


“Thank you for calling and for being so darn nice.”


I was extremely grateful that Hannah took the time to take care of my account and correct the issues that were on it.”


“Rose and Amy were so sweet. You both are number one in my book!


Compliments – February 2020


Desiree was the nicest person I have ever spoken with at a collection agency. Thank you for not being degrading.”


Tina is the sweetest, nicest, debt collector I have ever spoken with.”


Rebekah was very friendly and explained how collections works.”


Jody helped me so much. I appreciated that she even made me laugh. I was scared to call at first but grateful she was able to help me.”


“Brittney was kind and understanding. I also really appreciated her sense of humor.”


I enjoyed working with Sara and everyone else at Americollect. Everyone was so nice and helpful!”


I appreciated that Devin explained things and made it easier for me to understand.”



Compliments – January 2020


I wish everyone cared as much as Stacy. I felt like she actually cared and she was very helpful with getting this resolved for me.


Elizabeth made my day. It was a great experience setting up payments.”


At first I didn’t want to pay but then I changed my mind because Jennifer was so nice.


Brianna made my day. She was so sweet for not making me feel bad about having something sent to collections. I hope I get to talk with her again.”


“Jennie was awesome. I appreciated her help and for making me feel much better about my account.”


Ashli was wonderful. Thank you so much for your help. Ashli helped me understand my Medicare!”


“You are truly the nicest collection agency!”


Compliments – December 2019


Jody, thank you for walking me through a difficult situation. I appreciated the time that you took to explain and educate me.



“You are all very respectful, kind and you treat people with dignity. I truly appreciated that.


“Jennie is good at her job and has a great attitude. I was grateful for the time she took to listen to my situation.”


Stacy was the nicest debt collector. I may have to answer your calls more often.”


“Thank you, Deforest, for being so nice and easy to work with.”


“Dawn, thank you for being understanding and for working with my situation. I really appreciate it.”


Thank you for all of your help, Ashli, you have provided more help than anyone I have talked with.”


You really cleared things up for me, Devin. I thank you for that!

Compliments – November 2019


Kim, you have been great! If I ever have anything in collections again I sure hope it is with you!”



“Barb was the best collector I have talked with in two years!


“Deforest made me feel like I was talking with a friend. Thank you for your hospitality and treating me well.


Stacy was the nicest debt collector. I may have to answer your calls more often.


“I appreciate that Jennie was willing to work with me. You made my day.


“Lauren was Ridiculously Nice and helpful.


“Brooke was very kind which is very helpful in this difficult situation.”


I appreciated Jessica’s help, a lot! You guys really are nice. I was scared to call but we were great to work with.

Compliments – October 2019


“Emily is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly.  It was a pleasure doing business with her. I really appreciate the human quality I received from Emily and Americollect.”



Dawn was very helpful. No one has explained my account like she did. She was fantastic!


“I was surprised by the compassion of our agency. Thank you Kelly for being so kind and incredible.”


“Wow, Stacy really is a nice collection lady.


I was scared to call but Jennie put my mind at ease. I was thankful Jennie setup a payment plan that worked for me.


“Americollect is the best debt collection agency I have ever worked with!”


“Brooke is the nicest person I have spoken with since having medical issues. Everyone else has been so negative and demanding.”


I love your tag line of Ridiculously Nice Collections because that is what Cynthia was for me today!”


Compliments – September 2019



“Barbara was the nicest and kindest collector. She didn’t make me feel embarrassed at all! Thank you so much for working with me!”



“Jody was a breath of fresh air!


“Thank you Lauren for explaining everything and being so kind and helpful!


“Jen made my day and my week.


Thank you for helping me, Lisa. I am learning how to manage my bills and other collection agencies have not been nice but you put me at ease.”


“I appreciated the fact that Jennie understood that things happen and that Americollect was willing to work with me regarding my payments.”


“Lauren was very helpful. I have never worked with a debt collector as nice as Lauren was.”


“Amy was a great help to me. I really appreciate it.”


Compliments – August 2019


“OMG, Ruby was the most helpful collector I have ever spoken with. She gave me more information than any other collection agency I have dealt with before. Ruby made my day!





Heather was a great collector and was a breath of fresh air. I would have no problem talking with Americollect again.”


Sarah has awesome customer service skills. I work in customer service and she is even nicer than some individuals I work with.”


“Jen was very helpful, patient, and understanding.”


“Shelby was amazing and the sweetest person.”


“Gina was amazing to work with. She was very helpful and empathetic.”


“Stacy took the time to listen to me. I have a speech issue and usually get hung up on. She went out of her way to listen and help.”


“Hannah was awesome! I appreciated her working with me to figure out my account.”


Compliments – July 2019

“Suzanne was the first debt collector I have spoken with who actually understands my situation.”


“Jennie was the nicest debt collector I have ever spoken with. I enjoyed our phone call.”


“Thank you Rebecca for being so kind!”


“I never expected a debt collector to be so nice.”


“Kim was the first to work with me and make me feel not so bad about having a debt. I appreciate her patience and kindness.”


“Sarah was one of the nicest people I ever spoke with.”


“Ruby did a fantastic job explaining my account. I appreciated how she laid out the next steps I would need to take to resolve my account.”


“Heather wished me a happy birthday. She was very sweet and actually ridiculously nice.”


“Thank you so much, Samantha! You have been so nice and pleasant. Thank you for that! I am trying so hard to get all my debt taken care of slowly.”


June 2019 Compliments

“Thank you, Jennie, for being so nice and for all of your help.”


“Everyone I have dealt with at Americollect has been so nice and helpful. I really appreciate it!”


“Jen is the nicest collector I have ever spoken to.”


“Thank you, Jaclyn, for working with me and helping me to setup a payment plan!’


“Brooke is the sweetest debt collector I have ever had!”


“I was really impressed by how nice you are.”


“Mary was more than helpful and I appreciate her time.”


“Thank you for all of your help, Ashli. You are my favorite person now!”


“Alyssa, thank you for having a lot of patience with me and explaining the issues well.”


May 2019 Compliments

“I was extremely appreciative of all the help Jody gave today. She really rocked it!”

“Thank you Desiree for being so nice and helpful. I wish every collection agency was as nice as you guys.”

“Sierra was way more pleasant than most debt collectors. It was really easy to set-up payment!”

“Thank you Jennie for being so pleasant.”

“Kelly was very kind and helpful. She was the sweetest! I was so scared to call and Kelly made me feel better.”

“Thank you Erika for being easy to work with.”

“Thank you Brooke for going above and beyond to locate my account. I appreciate you going the extra mile.”

“Bill was the most personable customer service representative I have ever spoken with.”

“Hannah was phenomenal on the phone. I really appreciated it.”

April 2019 Compliments

“Thank you Donna for being so nice. I have worked with other places that were not as nice.”

“Thank you Jennie for being so nice, kind, and understanding.”

“Thank you for your understanding and symphony.”

“Thank you Jennie for being so professional. Your approach was great. Thank you for being so nice to me.”

“I was very impressed by Ashley and how clearly she explained everything.”

“Brittany was easy to work with. I really appreciated that.”

“Thank you Jen for putting my mind at ease.”

“Vanessa was polite and professional. I am very happy she is who I spoke with for my first time calling a collection agency.”

“You guys are so wonderful and great.”

March 2019 Compliments

“I enjoyed speaking with Heidi, she was very down to Earth and helpful.”

“Jennie totally made my day.”

“I was afraid to call but Jody was the best ever!”

“Thank you for being so easy to deal with. You are better than any other billing facility I have experienced. 

“You are polite and worked with me over the past two years. You have been awesome! No hounding, or rudeness. I appreciate you.”

“Thank you Desiree for being so understanding and for helping me with my insurance issues.”

“I saw on your website that you are Ridiculously Nice and you really are. Best experience I have had with a collection agency.”

“I appreciate Suzanne’s excellent customer service.”

“I just wanted to say thank you, Ashli, for being so kind and pleasant!”  

February 2019 Compliments

“I would like to talk with Dawn again as she was so nice. You really are a Ridiculously Nice Collection Agency.”

“Jennie Goldben: Thank you Jennie for your time and understanding. I appreciate it more than you know. This was a perfect way to end my work week.” 

“This was the most pleasant experience I have ever had with a deb collector.”

” It’s nice to have someone kind to work with in an upsetting situation like this.”

“Brooke actually listened to me and was a pleasure to speak with. You are not like other collection agencies.”

“Mary was extremely helpful!”

“Thank You So Much Kaela! You Were Awesome!”

“Thank you Desiree for your help and for being so nice. Your collection agency has been very accommodating.”

“Thank you Molly for being extremely patient. You were fantastic and are a real gem. This situation was so confusing and you helped me!” 

January 2019 Compliments

“Erica knocked it out of the park helping me today!”

“Mary made it easy. She was sweet to talk to, top of the line, and I couldn’t have talked to a better person.”

“Jennie was truly Ridiculously Nice!”

“Maite answered all of my question and was very pleasant. Maite is wonderful, helpful and fantastic.”

“Kim was the most compassionate debt collector I have ever talked to. I pray more debt collectors have this compassion.”

“It was a pleasure speaking with Jody. I have never spoken with someone so nice and willing to help.

“Thank you for being so considerate.”

“Glenn was extremely courteous in dealing with an outstanding balance.”

“I got to speak with a live person right away and LOVE how nice Heather was.”

December 2018 Compliments

“Wanted to let me know she had a bad day and was expecting a fight when calling in. She said Suzie was helpful and compassionate.”

“Wanted to say thanks to all of us for being so pleasant when she talks to us.”

“Stated this was the best experience she’s had with a collection agency – She appreciated Jeg’s sense of humor and everything she did to help her.”

“You were very nice and sweet, this was very easy to take care of.”

“Olivia called to let Chealsea know she is a miracle worker and to thank her so much for all her help!”

“You did such a good job you need a raise and a cup of a coffee!!!.”

“You’re so kind for being so patient with me and listening. Thank you so much for your guarantee in helping fix my accounts!”

“Thank you very much. I appreciate that you gave me the opportunity to salvage my credit.”

“Thank you for your kindness and understanding – You do a great job Brenda, thank you so much for your time and help.”

November 2018 Compliments

“Said Alyssa did a great job explaining things, said she was very helpful and patient with him.”

“Thank you Margaret, for your prompt follow up!”

“Thanks for all your help today Mary, you’ve been wonderful.”

“I appreciate all your help today. You have been thoughtful and understanding. It is appreciated”

“I wish all collection agencies were this easy to pay and deal with! Thank you for your help!”

“Thank you Maddy for working with me. Have a nice day.”

“Thank you Sam. You have been very helpful.”

“You guys are really Ridiculously Nice. Thanks again.”

“Thanks for making this easy and not making me feel like a deadbeat”

October 2018 Compliments

“Mary was very pleasant to work with.”

“Thank you Sam! You were the first person to take the time to go through and explain the charge on my bill to me.”

“Melinda is a great asset to Americollect and was a great help to me!”

“Kassandra was a ray of sunshine – very nice!”

“Donovan was kind, patient, and went above and beyond to help me.”

“Alyssa did an amazing job explaining and answering my questions.”

“Brenda was thoughtful and understanding. It was appreciated.”

“Kerri was so nice and lives up to Americollect’s motto of being Ridiculously Nice!”

“Dusty was so helpful and made the financial process very easy for me.”

September 2018 Compliments

“Suzie was very patient and I appreciated her help!”

“Jazmine was very helpful and understanding.”

“Barbara and Americollect has been the best experience ever in dealing with collection agencies.”

“Thank you, Mary, for being so nice! “

“James treated me with dignity and respect.”

“Maddie has amazing customer service skills. Thank you for assisting me.”

“Mary is the most pleasant collector I’ve ever dealt with.”

“A high five and thumbs up to Jody for her customer service!”

“Thank you, Samantha, for your understanding and working with me.”

August 2018 Compliments

“I really appreciate Samantha taking the time to help me get on track!”

“Jessica has a great voice and she made me feel comfortable. That is very important to me.”

“Thank you, Alicia, for being so nice!”

“Dawn is the nicest debt collector I’ve ever dealt with. Thank you for your understanding. “

“Jody was very sweet. Thank you for being so kind to me!”

“Thank you, Kim, for your compassion and understanding. I didn’t expect that from a debt collector!”

“Alexandria, you really ARE ridiculously nice!”

“Kati and the whole team have been super easy to work with!”

“Erika was a great help. Thank you so much!”

July 2018 Compliments

“Holly was one of the nicest people I have ever had to deal with!”

“Margaret was very kind! Thank you for helping me understand my EOB!”

“Thank you, Ashley! This experience has been ridiculously nice!”

“Ben was speedy, efficient & nice!”

“Kassie was a doll and she made my entire day!”

“I’m so glad I got to talk to Jessica. She was very cheerful, understanding & was very helpful!”

“Maddy, thank you so much. I appreciate your help and understanding!”

“Jaclyn was very helpful and provided great customer service!”

“Danielle always make it so easy to set up payment plans!”

June 2018 Compliments

“Mary, thank you for your professionalism!”

“Thank you for being Ridiculously Nice, Maddy!”

“Barb, you are so good at your job!”

“Bill did such a fantastic job. He was extremely compassionate and took the time to work with me! He was not judgemental at all!”

“Kassie was very helpful and talking with her was very pleasant!”

“Jessica had an absolutely cheerful attitude and I was so happy to have someone like her to speak with. She made my day!”

“Mariah did an outstanding job and I really appreciate it!”

“I really appreciate Patricia being able to work with me and I’m very thankful for the options she provided!”

“Brian, thank you so much for helping us now and in the past!”

May 2018 Compliments

“Hannah is very nice and I appreciate all the options she made available to me!”

“Mariah was the nicest person I have talked to regarding my situation.”

“Maddy, thank you so much for helping me, I really appreciate it! You were great!”

“Emily, thank you for working with me. I am so happy you were able to offer me assistance options!”

“Vanessa, I want to thank you for patiently waiting & listening to me explain my situation to you!”

“Ashley, you have been very helpful and kind. I really do appreciate it!”

“Shannon, you were so awesome! Thank you for your help.”

“Suzie, you were so nice and understanding. I appreciate you answering all my questions honestly!”

“Mary, you were so helpful!”

April 2018 Compliments

“Jake was a gentlemen and Americollect is lucky to have someone like him working for them!”

“Thank you, Kaela! You guys really are Ridiculously Nice Collections!”

“Thank you so much, Shannon! You were a great help!”

“Jody, you are the nicest collection agent I have ever spoken with. Thank you for all your advice and help!”

“Thank you for your time Ashley. You have been wonderful & so helpful.”

“I was very impressed with Glenn. He was very helpful and I want to thank him.”

“I was dreading calling in but Brooke was fantastic!”

“Thanks Mary! You have been amazing to deal with as far as debt collectors go!”

“I was impressed by how much initiative Emily took by handling my situation!”

March 2018 Compliments

“Thank you Dawn, for being so nice and helping me set up a payment plan.”

“David was the best caller I’ve talked to. He was very understanding.”

“It’s refreshing to be handled like a human, with kindness. Jim went out of his way to help me.”

“I appreciated Brittney’s professionalism.”

“I really appreciate Jody. She did everything she could to help me figure out ways to make my payments.”

“Olivia really helped me. It was nice to speak to a sensitive person – it was what I needed.”

“William is one of the most wonderful, well-rounded customer service people I’ve ever worked with.”

“Maddy is absolutely fabulous!”

“Mary is doing a fantastic job of living up the ridiculously nice collections!”

February 2018 Compliments

“Hannah was very helpful and a good listener.”

“Alyssa was easy to work with and she helped me apply payments to my account.”

“Emily made me feel better about my current financial situation.”

“McKenna was the kindest and most understanding representative I’ve talked to.”

“Mary was of great assistance. Thank you for being patient with me in getting this taken care of.”

“Thank you Kaela, for all of your help. You have been fantastic!”

“Brittney was the nicest debt collector I’ve spoken with.”

“Olivia was a wonderful help in my time of need. Thank you for assisting me with my account.”

“I was so pleased with how understanding Tehya was to work with.”

 January 2018 Compliments

“Bill was super helpful and nice.”

“Suzanne was very nice to talk to and made it very easy and not stressful.”

“Brooke was friendly. I wish all collections could be that way.”

“Thank you, Kylie, for being patient and professional with me. I appreciated your help.”

“Laura was ridiculously nice.”

“Erica was very pleasant and easy to work with.”

“Dria made this experience so painless for me and it was the first time I have enjoyed calling a collections agency.”

“It was very nice working with Brenda and setting up a payment plan with her.”

“I’ve never spoken to a collector as nice as Dawn.”


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