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A better patient experience with Ridiculously NiceProviding A Better Patient Experience 

For over 50 years, Americollect has distinguished itself in the collections industry by proving time and time again that providing a Ridiculously Nice patient experience maximizes patient account collections, while dramatically improving patient satisfaction in your community. At Americollect, we firmly believe that everyone deserves to be treated Ridiculously Nice, all the time, no matter what.

Ridiculously Nice

Our Ridiculously Nice approach opens communication lines, builds trust and fosters a spirit of cooperation with patients. It sets a strong foundation on which we can have successful conversations collecting the balances that they owe. Ridiculously Nice aligns with the Mission, Vision and Values of your organization, ensuring that every patient communication provides the same compassionate approach that your patients have come to expect from your organization.

100% Healthcare

Now “Ridiculously Nice” is extremely important, but it’s only one step towards offering an unparalleled patient experience. We also need to know the ins and outs of medical billing, how to explain the claim adjudication process, and how to answer patients’ questions in order to be truly successful. This is why Americollect prides itself in the fact that we only collect for healthcare organizations. 100% of our clients are healthcare providers.  We currently serve over 120 hospitals and health systems and over 7,000 physicians from 693 practices nationwide. In total, those healthcare organizations list close to one billion dollars annually with Americollect. This is also why every one of our over 280 associates are trained in healthcare and its nuances. On top of our general healthcare training, over 30 of our staff members have been certified through AAHAM, the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management, as Certified Revenue Cycle Specialists. Americollect’s dedication to healthcare education ensures that we will collect the most revenue possible for your organization while providing a Ridiculously Nice patient experience.

Our Technology

Americollect’s commitment to utilizing the latest in collection’s technology ensures that we are able to collect more than our competition. From our collections software, which enables us to call guarantors instead of accounts by quickly and easily combining several accounts and family members into a single guarantor, to our use of advanced scoring and analytics to drive our communication attempts and maximize the efficiency of our predictive dialer, enabling each of our team members to make an average of 108 outbound phone attempts per hour, Americollect is able to out collect other agencies day in, day out.


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