Why Americollect?

Our Mission

Americollect partners with our clients to collect their accounts as quickly and professionally as possible while maintaining and building our client’s reputation and following the rules that guide us.

Americollect partners with our employees to help them to grow as individuals and to give them an opportunity for a rewarding career in the collection industry.

Americollect partners with the consumer to help them organize and prioritize their credit life and money management. Americollect must always understand the consumer to be successful.

More Money for Your Revenue Cycle

Americollect has found  that our approach of being Ridiculously Nice helps  improve patient satisfaction while maximizing revenue. Patients prefer to communicate with an agency that treats them with respect and dignity and therefore are more likely to pay when they have the means. Our Ridiculously Nice approach guides patient responses, create buy-in, and minimizes complaints.

Null We ONLY collect for Healthcare: Americollect exclusively  serves the healthcare industry, including over 70+ hospitals and 7,000+ physicians nationwide. We help patients understand the complexity of healthcare accounts by educating them with trained healthcare collectors on items such as preventive vs. diagnostic treatments or facility vs. physician charges. This helps Americollect recover more money while satisfying patients and clients.

When partnering with Americollect you are not just choosing an agency. You are making the choice to work with a company geared towards changing the way collection agencies are perceived and expected to function.

Americollect’s clients are surveyed using a Net Promoter Score (Referral Score). Americollect scores  71% which is higher than Harley Davidson, Apple, CostCo, and Kohls for client’s who are eager to refer Americollect. Americollect’s client retention rate has been 99% or greater the last 5 years.

If you want easy to work with, you found Americollect. Our client’s describe our staff as friendly, professional, quick to respond and knowledgeable. You will build a professional friendship with our team. We will be your “favorite vendor” in no time. This is how a business relationship should work.

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Why Americollect is the Perfect Fit For You

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