Preparing for COVID-19 with Americollect

The Coronavirus will impact more than just Preparing for the coronavirus (Covid-19)how you treat patients. It is going to affect your bottom line.

When COVID-19 reached the United States in late January, nobody could have predicted how quickly it would change the trajectory of 2020 in ways we won’t soon forget. While we keep those affected in our thoughts, we must prepare for the unknown and ensure hospitals are able to care for their patients.

Americollect has been preparing and finding Ridiculously Nice ways to minimize the impact the Coronavirus has on our operations so that we can continue to work with our clients, keeping their revenue intact during this turbulent time.


♦  Working Remotely
As it became clear that Social Distancing would become an important step in the process of stopping the spread of COVID-19, we transitioned nearly 95-percent of our workforce and 100-percent of our collectors to work from home status.

♦  Enhancing Infrastructure
We are constantly making improvements to our technical infrastructure and we were fully prepared to handle the increased workload that has developed due to the increased number of work from home employees surrounding COVID-19.

♦  Remote Training/Onboarding
We are continuing to improve upon our process for online/remote onboarding and training to guarantee new collectors are able to quickly and efficiently begin collecting.

While we know the importance of continuing to ensure you are receiving the revenue you need, the greater concern is the well being of your patients. This is why we are focusing as much on how we work with patients as we are on the amount we are able to collect. Americollect’s Ridiculously Nice approach to collecting is built for delicate times such as these. No other approach balances sensitivity to the patients’ situations with the revenue each hospital needs to continue to operate in these unprecedented times as well as our approach does! We promise to be extra empathetic and work with patients who are experiencing hardship during this time. Any call that we make where a patient identifies they are experiencing hardship due to COVID-19, we will mention financial assistance, apologize and end the call.


♦  Flagging Accounts
When a patient indicates they are impacted by the Coronavirus, we have an automatic action that occurs. That action code is tracked to allow us to continue to monitor COVID-19 and move collections on those accounts into the future, depending on the best course of action with regards to the outcome of the pandemic. This will allow us to continue to communicate with your patients who want to pay their bills and can still afford to while not contacting those who have identified they are under financial hardship due to COVID-19.

♦  Pausing Additional Reporting/Actions
We have temporarily stopped any new reporting to the credit bureaus or taking new legal actions and wage garnishments against patients. This is simply not the right time to pursue these types of actions.

♦  Reviewing Insurance
Some accounts may be payable but were not correctly covered by the insurance company. We are continuing to help patience by ensuring insurance is paying their fair share on an account.

During times like this, the most important thing is the health and safety of your employees, patients and families. Our goal is to be Ridiculously Nice in how we work with your patients to make sure they’re receiving the empathy and respect they deserve while making the payments they can. If you are in need of any assistance, please reach out to us today. We would be happy to help.

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