Ridiculously Nice Collections

Ridiculously Nice Collections was developed to help healthcare clients recover the most money, while treating patients ridiculously nice.

Healthcare debt is complex to collect. Third-party payers, HIPAA regulations, and Not-for-Profit regulations can make it easy for a simple mistake to cause extreme problems and lawsuits. We train our collectors to understand the complexity of accounts.

Our Ridiculoulsy Nice Approach

People can’t always control when they fall ill. Healthcare collections should have a special emphasis on the compassionate treatment of patients. We are ridiculously nice. Ironically, that same ridiculously nice collection dialogue we use results in higher recovery rates. People like to feel respected.

Our first step is to verify demographic data including active bankruptcy search.  Within 48 hours, the first notice is mailed to the patient.  If new information is needed, the account sent to our automated skip tracing department which locates updated demographic information.

Qualifying accounts are scored.  Within 12 hours, we receive a score similar to a FICO credit score, but instead the data is driven to interpret the likelihood the patient will pay a collection balance.  This information is utilized to place a priority on the patients likely to pay.

To maximize efficiency, most of our collectors dial from the same campaign via our advanced integrated dialer system.  Patients can chat with a live collector online and pay online 24/7.

Our collector motto is , “Talk to more RIGHT people at the RIGHT time when they have the RIGHT amount of money to make it RIGHT for us, the patient and our clients.”

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Americollect is a sponsor of:

  • Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)
  • American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM)
  • Radiology Business Managers Association (RBMA)
  • Many other state chapters of healthcare organizations.

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