Ongoing Education

“Education is learning what you didn’t
know you didn’t know”


Being Ridiculously Nice spreads beyond the realm of how we treat our consumers. We want to make sure team members know how much they are appreciated and so one way we show our support is in the options we provide for individuals to grow and develop in their professional roles. We have many different programs that provide ongoing education opportunities for a variety of avenues.

Leadership Development

At Americollect, we believe in providing our leaders, current and new, with the tools and resources needed to not only perform their roles successfully but take their leadership ability to new heights. To ensure we are constantly providing opportunities for team members to develop, we have created a program entitled Leadership Development.

Americollect Leadership Development provides the foundation skills to set our leaders up for success. We develop essential leadership skills in our team leaders and managers to inspire empowered leaders who drive employee retention, customer satisfaction, and increase productivity.

Leadership Development provides employees with the opportunity to grow not only in their current role but also within Americollect; providing upward mobility and career pathing. This program is designed to give an individual confidence in their leadership ability and show them proper techniques to being an effective leader.

Americollect University

Part of Americollect’s mission is to partner with our employees to help them grow as individuals and to give them an opportunity for a rewarding career. Americollect University is positioned to provide ongoing professional development training that prepares employees to take advantage of individual growth and career advancement opportunities at Americollect. We do this by providing exposure to other department processes and procedures, teaching and practicing professional communication and interpersonal skills and delivering advanced technical training for software applications we regularly use.

Americollect University believes that if all employees get 1% better at what they do on a daily basis, this aggregation of marginal gains will translate to significant individual and organizational growth.

Tuition Assistance Program

Americollect recognizes the importance of an educational assistance program that provides employees with the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge. Participation in such programs better equips individuals with the necessary knowledge to advance in their current role and serves to improve their potential for growth within Americollect.

In order to qualify for the program there are a number of requirements that must be met such as being a full-time permanent employee for at least one year and enrolling in courses offered by an accredited educational facility that relate to the individual’s current role in company or prepare them for future growth within company.

Following satisfactory completion of an approved course, Americollect will reimburse the employees out of pocket tuition costs up to a maximum predetermined amount per person per year. There are also potential tax credit benefits to this program as you may qualify for a “Lifetime Learning Tax credit” for the portion of expenses that are not reimbursed.

Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist

Americollect also provides the opportunity to become a Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist, a course paid for by Americollect. This certification allows a team member the ability to grow in their current profession and expand their knowledge on the following topics: understanding hospital and clinic billing, patient access and processes, federal regulations that govern providers, and the acronyms and terms used so they understand all aspects of consumer accounts. To become certified, one must participate in a 12-week course and earn a passing grade in a final exam.

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