2017 Patient Complients

December 2017 Compliments

“Destinie was the nicest collection person I have spoken to. I thought I was going to have to fight with someone and that was not the case.”

“I will miss you all when my balance is paid off. You are all so nice and helpful.”

“Out of the three calls I had to make today this was the easiest. Thank you Kylie for not making this difficult for me.”

“Thank you so much for being amazing and walking me through this.”

“I am going through a rough time right now and Bill was very professional and handled with care.”

“You have helped me tremendously. Thank you Frank.”

“Frank was very patient and kind with me!”

“Thank you, Brooke, for being so pleasant and professional.”

“Emily, thank you for your kindness and for listening to where I was coming from.”

November 2017 Compliments

“Thank you Mary for all of your help and understanding. It was a pleasure talking with you today!”

“Thank you for allowing me to make the payment I could afford.”

“You guys seriously are the nicest collection people ever!”

“Mariah was the most polite collector I have ever spoken with.”

“I appreciate the time that Suzanne put into resolving the issue.”

“Thank you so much Mary for all of your help and kindness.”

“Frank was very patient and kind with me!”

“Katie did a great job and I wanted to praise her for being patient and helping me find a payment plan that worked.”

“Thank you for telling me about a debt loan, Desiree, nobody else gave me this information.”

October 2017 Compliments

“I thought bill collectors were nasty, but after talking with Desiree I have to say they are not all that way.”

“You are the nicest debt collectors I have ever worked with.”

“I am very grateful and appreciative that you are willing to work with me especially since I just went through the hurricane.”

“Jody was fantastic! I have trouble talking with other agencies and you did a really good job. Ridiculously Nice!”

“Aubrey was nice and treated me with respect. You are very good at what you do.”

“Thanks for being a real person and not a robot. Brooke made it easy and was patient.”

“You are the most polite debt collectors I have ever spoken to. We need more like you out there that are understanding.”

“Katie was the nicest person I ever spoke with from a collection agency. She was a big help and made my day more pleasant.”

“Your website is right, you folks are Ridiculously Nice – thanks so much!”

September 2017 Compliments

“I was putting this off because I was scared of collection agencies.  I thanked Aubrey because she was so nice and made it very easy.”

“Mariah was absolutely wonderful and easy to talk with. I appreciated her pleasantness when dealing with the situation I am in.”

“I was happy Joette took the time to explain everything to me. She was professional and nice.”

“I knew your slogan was Ridiculously Nice, and I have to agree you really were!”

“Thalia was extremely helpful and was very empathetic. I was grateful for her help with setting up a payment plan.”

“If all debt collectors were as nice as Destinie this world would be a better place.”

“I was really happy to be able to talk with Sirin.  It was the easiest call I ever had to make.”

“Everyone I have spoken with at Americollect has been really nice!”

August 2017 Compliments

“Sirin was the sweetest and was easy to work with. I was prepared to have my mean face on but she was so sweet and very thankful.”

“Thank you Diane for your help! I feel so blessed I could cry.”

“Suzie was so nice I paid her right away. The last agency I worked with was so rude I always hung up on them right away.”

“Thank you Kaela! I appreciate you expeditious assistance today!”

“Americollect is the nicest collection agency I have ever talked with. I appreciated Dawn’s help and thank her for not being like other agencies.”

“Thank you for a pleasant transaction. If only all debt collectors were like your company!”

“Thank you again for your patience and caring, Mary. I’ve chatted with many collections recently but they just don’t have the same heart and understanding.”

“Thalia provided me with the best customer service I have ever had!”

“Aubrey was very pleasant to work with. She was professional and courteous. She made the process a pleasure and stress free.”

July 2017 Compliments

“Thank you for being so helpful and understanding. I appreciate it!

“Americollect employs good people that are very compassionate and understanding. They are better than the other agencies I have worked with.”

“I really can’t say thank you enough. Also, thank you for the quick, easy, and painless experience.”

“I have worked with lots of collectors but Americollect is by far the best and Grace was very kind!”

“I like paying Americollect because you are so helpful and treat me like a real person. I call Americollect first before other agencies.”

“Vanessa knocked it out of the park! She was one step ahead, coll and collected, and never rose her voice. I hope this is being recorded so others can hear this!”

“William was a joy to work with. He made sure I understood everything he was talking about while being very polite. I appreciate his help!”

“Olivia was so nice, I appreciate talking with her. She wasn’t crabby like other collection agencies.”

“Your tag line of ‘Ridiculously Nice’ is perfect and I love it! Dawn lived up to it and was great!”

June 2017 Compliments

“It is nice to actually talk to someone that treats consumers like they are important and human.”

“Brooke was the nicest collection agent I have talked to. Thank you for your help!”

“I am really working on getting my credit score up. This will really help thanks. Thank you to Frank and Americollect for this payment plan.”

“This chat feature works so great! Americollect is Ridiculously Nice!”

“I like paying Americollect because you are so helpful and treat me like a real person. I call Americollect first before other agencies.”

“You are the most courteous collection agency I have ever been referred to!”

“You have saved all of my problems!”

“You are the best collectors I have ever worked with; you are so nice. I am happy you are so understanding and helpful with my situation.”

“Destine helped me more than anyone has before. She offered me options when everyone just wanted payment in full.”

May 2017 Compliments

“Louella was very professional and a breath of fresh air!”

“Lisa was patient, knowledgeable and easy to work with.  Americollect has such polite and courteous staff.”

“I saw Ridiculously Nice on my statement and you were insanely nice!”

“Dawn was absolutely amazing. So nice to work with.”

“Thank you for letting me make payments while my family is going through hard times.”

“I wish Americollect handled all of my debt because this was a breeze!”

“Jody made it very easy and painless. Thank you for helping me.”

“Brooke and Sara were awesome and extremely helpful. They are wonderful people at Americollect.”

“Karissa was the nicest person I have spoken with. I could actually hear her smiling on the phone.”

April 2017 Compliments

“Mary was a rock star to work with.”

“Louelle was so helpful and answered some of my questions regarding my insurance. Louelle was the first one who really helped me out.”

“I really liked and appreciated Olivia’s attitude and kindness on our call.”

“I wish you would buy debt from other hospitals. I am going to tell the hospitals I go to that they should send my debt to Americollect, so I can pay you!”

“You are the easiest company to work with. Thank you for everything!”

“Bill did a beautiful job and I thanked him for bearing with me.”

“Haelee was fabulous to work with!”

“Dawn was very helpful. I am glad she was able to understand my situation and was willing to work with me.”

“Stephanie sounded genuine and concerned. She had a very nice demeanor and knew what she was talking about. She has a gift for customer service. I am very thankful for her help.”

March 2017 Compliments

“Thank you for working with me and for being so professional.”

“You truly are, Ridiculously Nice, I even ended my phone call laughing with the agent.”

” You are the only collection agency I have ever liked. You don’t make me feel like a criminal and you treat me like a person!”

“I feel better after speaking with you.”

“I have had such a great experience with you before that I emailed in asking to have you purchase my debt from another collection agency!”

“I wish all of my bills would to to collections so I could call and have a good time talking with you again. You made calling a collection agency a great time!”

“You are all so nice and always willing to help. You are not demanding of a certain amount.”

“You are wonderful to work with!”

“Very nice! Other agencies have been rude. I will be paying you first!”

February 2017 Compliments

“Thank you for having patience with me and for having such concern regarding my wife’s condition.”

“I was afraid to call at first but now I would gladly call to talk to you guys. You are so nice it is almost weird.”

“I was provided with more information in a 10 minute phone call than anyone else I have spoken to regarding this debt. Thank you for helping me resolve my debt.”

“You live up to being, Ridiculously Nice.”

“I have had such a great experience with you before that I emailed in asking to have you purchase my debt from another collection agency!”

“Everyone I have spoken with at Americollect has been so kind and understanding.”

“Thank you for answering all my questions and resolving any issues I had.”

“You are wonderful to work with!”

“You were so nice and saved me money in the long run by suggesting I get a loan for my bill.”

January 2017 Compliments

“You have a great team. Everyone is very helpful.”

“I had anxiety calling a collection agency, but Lisa was sweet and understand which made it a great experience.”

“This is the first time I have ever said “Thank You” to a collection agency!”

“Thank you for being so nice. I called Aurora and thanked them for choosing to work with you.”

“Everyone working at Americollect is so nice and they all treat me with understanding and grace.”

“I’ve never talked to someone with so much compassion and kindness about a phone bill.”

“Thank you for lending an ear when others would have been rude to me. Stephanie was an angel to work with!”

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