2016 Patient Compliments

December 2016 Compliments

“You treated me better than any other collection agency has ever in the past.”

“I am glad that I call you and appreciate the way you treated me.”

“I have many wonderful things to say!”

“Keith was so professional and helpful that I asked to be connected to a supervisor to commend him!”

“I would give you high marks on a survey”

“You are wonderful individuals for taking the time to help me out of a tough spot financially.”

“Laura was very polite. I appreciated the respect and help she provided to me.”

November 2016 Compliments

“You have great customer service. I have trouble with every other agency.”

“Destinie was very nice and helpful. I appreciate Americollect for going out of their way to help me set-up a payment plan that works for me.”

“Elizabeth was so patient with me. It was painless and felt good to pay my bills.”

“This was the best experience I ever had with a collection agency. You are the nicest!”

“Thank you for offering me payment options of every two weeks. No place has ever offered me this and it will help keep me on track.”

“Americollect raises my hope in people since you are willing to work with people on a payment plan.”

“You are the nicest collection agency I have ever worked with!”

“Thank you for treating me like a human and for calming me down to help me understand.”

“Very thankful for Mary and Cathy for going above and not making me feel like a dead beat.”

“Katherine was very informative and explained everything to me. I appreciate that she was patient and was willing to repeat herself a few times.”

 October 2016 Compliments

“Amanda made it very pleasant for me to pay my debt. I have dealt with a lot of collections agencies and you are the nicest by far.”

“Jim helped me to maneuver through my insurance issues.”

“You turned and unpleasant situation into a positive one and were very helpful.”

“Shannon was the sweetest collector I have ever dealt with.”

“Thank you for putting up with my negativity and for being so helpful.”

“Jennifer made my day!”

“Thank you for helping me find something within my budget and for being so understanding.”

September 2016 Compliments

“Cassie went above and beyond and I am extremely thankful for what she could do for me. I can get a home now!”

“You are the most polite debt collection agency I have ever worked with.”

“Suzie was the nicest debt collector I have ever worked with!”

“Americollect is the best collection agency to work with.”

“Jessica was willing to work with me and was very understanding of my situtaion.”

“Kayla was so nice to speak with. I hope to speak with her everytime.”

“Thank you for being so nice to work with. I couldn’t have been more happy. My bill is now paid and not affecting my credit file.”

“Jennifer is very kind, has a great sense of humor and is great and what she does!”

August 2016 Compliments

“I do have to tell you, I had another issues about a year ago, and you guys are really nice. I know it isn’t an easy job but you have been really nice! I think you are doing a great job. It can be an embarrassing situation for the customer but you guys don’t harass you just deliver your message in a polite way.”

“How come you are so nice? I appreciate you and your kindness and want you to have a really nice day!”

“Thank you for being so patient and understanding with me. Thank you so much, I appreciate you!”

“I have called into a lot of different collection agencies and dealt with many customer services agencies. This is the best call I ever had. We appreciate you help.”

“You are the most pleasant person that was ever involved with a collection. I used to work with people in credit and collections and some people can be ruthless but you have the most courteous and pleasant demeanor.”

“Can I just say, I am sure you deal with some very angry people, but you all have been exceptionally nice and I appreciate it; even though others may not.”

“You were very  friendly and great to work with. I have never talked with a nicer collection agency.”

“You are a super company to work with for payment plans and helping to get this paid before listing to credit file.”

“Could I speak with your supervisor, I want to make sure they know how very kind, helpful and patient you were to work with.”

“Christy is one in a million shining start in a dark world. She made me feel like a person and not an account number by showering compassion and patience and actively listening to what I had to say.”

“I was afraid to call but am glad I got someone who was so nice and helpful!”

“You were the nicest collector I have ever spoken with. Thank you for understanding the situation and that I am going through rough times.”

“Might I be able to speak with your supervisor? I want to let them know how great of a job you did and how helpful and professional you are.”

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