“Nice” List

ShawnBy: Shawn Gretz – Ridiculously Nice VP of Sales

“He’s making a list, and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and NICE”…. Many of you may have just sang along with me in your head. The funny thing is I’m guessing you didn’t know that I was talking about your patients. With the increase in using social rating systems online and HCAPS; patients are checking up on you to make sure “Nice” is something your facility offers from the time the patient enters your facility all the way through self-pay follow-up. “Nice” is about accomplishing one of the dimensions of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Triple Aim approach for a better patient experience. So will you be making the “Nice” list in 2017?

I want to help increase the number that make the “Nice” list in 2017. Here are three items I believe AmeriE.B.O. can help with:
1. Consolidated Patient Friendly Statements and Patient Friendly Reminder Calls – Patients are screaming for one experience whether they visit your doctor’s office, hospital, or ambulatory surgery center. If your name is on the door, then one consolidated patient friendly statement and payment plan should be established for the patient. AmeriE.B.O specializes in combining multiple entities and systems into a better patient experience.
 2. Better Patient Communications – “Your call is very important to us and it will be answered by the next available agent” or “hello healthcare business office.” These are two of my biggest pet-peeves when I call a hospital business office. It is obvious to the patient that their call isn’t important enough to be staffed correctly to handle the volume of inbound calls coming into your facility or for that matter by the name of the facility that I am calling. AmeriE.B.O. offers better patient communications by working with our clients to set the expectations of wait times and abandonment call volumes to ensure a better patient experience.
3. Adding Balances to Payment Plans – Healthcare is different in that multiple dates of service continue to add balances to the amount a patient owes. If healthcare were like a credit card, a patient would receive a statement with the minimum amount owed each month. But should healthcare take this approach? AmeriE.B.O. monitors payment plans. If a new date of service is added to the balance we communicate with patients either on their statement or with a call; to increase the payment plan to ensure the balances are paid off promptly. This proactive communication provides a better patient experience.

I want to help increase the number that make the “Nice” list in 2017. Here are three items I believe Americollect can help with:
1. Healthcare Training – Americollect exclusively collects for healthcare clients. This provides Americollect the ability to train our collectors on healthcare only. This training allows collectors to explain away the complexity of healthcare and help the patient understand the difference between a co-pay and deductible and how much adjustments were made on the account to leave the remaining balance as self-pay. A better-trained collector provides a better patient experience.
2. Industry Knowledge – Americollect pride ourselves on bringing value to all our clients and potential clients. We work hard to stay up on the latest information on 501r, Medicare bad debt, and presumptively qualifying patients for financial assistance. By being a leader in these topics, it allows Americollect to ensure accounts are placed in the right bucket to not only help our client collect more money but also provide a better patient experience.
3. Happier Collectors – Eight years in a row, Americollect has been named as one of the best places to work in collections. We engage our team members with our unique team culture to help drive the results. We always say, “happier collectors, collect more money while providing a better patient experience.”

“Nice” doesn’t end when the patient leaves your campus. “Nice” should continue to self-pay follow-up and also to collections. Come join Americollect and Ameri E.B.O. and have your patients put you on the “Nice” list in 2017! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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