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Self-Pay Services: More Money for Your Revenue Cycle!

With AmeriEBO for your self-pay services, you will have a partner that maximizes revenue recovery by putting your patients on the phone with highly trained Ridiculously Nice Customer Service Reps. Reaching patients close to their service date and discussing payment options is imperative to accelerating cash flow.

Here are 12 reasons why you should consider AmeriEBO for your self-pay services:

  • Ridiculously Nice Customer Service Reps – AmeriEBO team is ridiculously nice and in today’s environment patients choose who they want to pay. It’s amazing how “NICE collects MORE.” Our training focuses on providing patients with options to create buy-in to maximize cash collections and having a positive philosophy to help patients in their financial lives.
  • Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist (CRCS)- Insurance Team – Captures payments other EBOs may miss.
  • Phone Attempts – The most effective way to collect an account (after a patient leaves your facility) is on a phone call. AmeriEBO utilizes a predictive dialer to increase efficiency to make more phone attempts to discuss payment terms. AmeriEBO will also discuss financial assistance options and loan programs to those that qualify.  All phone calls are recorded. Local Touch caller ID displays a local number depending upon where a patient lives. Inbound phone attempts are answered in our client’s name. Toll free numbers are provided to the patient for convenience.
  • Letter Series – AmeriEBO can send statements in our clients name on their behalf to collect additional revenue. Final statements can also be incorporated to notify the patient the account is about to be list ed for collections. AmeriEBO can help clients create a combined statement for multiple locations and platforms.
  • Live Documentation – With access to your system, AmeriEBO can live document notes on a guarantor level to create a closed loop of communication with our clients.
  • Scoring -AmeriEBO uses analytics to prioritize phone attempts to patients based on ability to pay.
  • Frequent Flyer – AmeriEBO monitors frequent flyers to expedite the process to collections.
  • Skip Trace – AmeriEBO can search for additional phone numbers to contact skipped patients.
  • Loan Options – AmeriEBO works closely with lenders to create a loan option for your patients.
  • Presumptive Financial Assistance Eligibility – AmeriEBO can provide a presumptive financial assistance eligibility for our clients.
  • Medicaid Scrubbing – AmeriEBO can provide Medicaid scrubbing.
  • Compliance – AmeriEBO complies with each client’s mission, vision, HIPAA policies and procedures. All team members are HIPAA compliant and receive annually training.

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