Medical Collections

Medical Collections

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Americollect has physician group clients in each of the GREEN states.

Americollect works with thousands of doctors ranging in size from 1 – 1,500. We serve dental, ophthalmology, radiology, emergency, anesthesia, cardiology, chiropractic, orthopedic, dermatology, neurology, ENT, mental, primary, and multi-specialty. With Americollect, you will find client satisfaction and Ridiculous Nice treatment of your patients.

8 Reasons why Americollect is the perfect fit for you!

  1. We Treat Patients Ridiculously Nice: Americollect’s Ridiculously Nice Collection approach helps to improve patient satisfaction and recover more money for our clients by treating patients with respect and dignity.
  2. We ONLY collect for Healthcare: We help patients understand the complexity of healthcare accounts by educating them about insurance with trained healthcare collectors. This helps Americollect recover more money while satisfying patients and providers.

“Just because the patient doesn’t have money today doesn’t mean they are a non-payer forever. It is easily understood how the ordinarly person can fall into financial constraints, as almost all have been affected at least one time in their life. So, we want to make sure that we don’t burn a bridge with the patient that will eventually pay the hospital.”

~Kenlyn T. Gretz

Americollect President and CEO

  1. Certified Revenue Cycle Specialists(CRCS): Over 10% of our collection teammates are Certified Revenue Cycle Specialists through AAHAM (American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management)
  2. Loyal Clients: Americollect’s Net Promoter Score is higher than Harley Davidson, Apple, CostCo, and Kohls for client’s surveyed who are eager to refer us. We have a client retention rate of 99%.
  3. Customize Your Reports and Dashboard: Americollect has dashboards, scorecards, and statistical reports that we send to our clients on a monthly basis.
  4. Best Place to Work in Collections: Every year since 2009, Americollect has been voted as a “Best Places to Work in Collections,” by Happy teammates collect more money!
  5. One Week Guaranteed Implementation: Americollect’s onsite programmers and project analysts will guarantee to complete programming in less than seven days from the date we receive each file. Our guarantee includes: collection extract, payment, adjustment, withdrawal file, and an inventory file for reconciliation.
  6. Multiple Communication Channels: Americollect uses a combined approach of live collectors to predictive dial, answer machine detection to leave voicemails, automated message dialing, voicemail drops, and online chat to increase efficiency and make more phone attempts per account. We systematically and analytically attempt to communicate with all patients in a timely manner regardless of past attempts.

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