Eight Years As a “Best Places to Work in Collections

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By: Kenlyn T. Gretz, Ridiculously Nice CEO
“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” was a quote made famous by legendary IBM leader Peter Drucker. Americollect also believes in a strong culture. That culture has allowed us to be named as one of the Best Places to Work in Collections for the 8th consecutive year! The eight consecutive years is a feat that has not been done by any other organization. Oh, by the way, we also have grown in placements by 690% since being first named to the list and all this time only losing one hospital as a client. Enough with patting ourselves on our back and onto what matters most to you. How does Americollect create a culture to allow us to win this award for eight consecutive years?
Below are some of our attributes that we feel have allowed us to get to where we are today:
1. Together we Can – Americollect will work as a team. More like a professional sport in a small market then a kid’s recreational team. This means Americollect will attempt to hire to develop talent. Americollect will have the best players playing and replace those not performing. Americollect will create competition for positions. Americollect will show loyalty to our players.
2. Coach – Americollect will coach players on how to perform. All players will receive coaching regardless of your seniority or role. All players will be expected to learn new talents or refresh old talents throughout the year. All players are expected to play the role of “coach” to others.
3. Flexible – Americollect will provide a flexible work-life culture. Americollect respects the juggling act of life and will provide flextime to spend with family or other life issues within the guidelines that are set.
4. Stir-The-Pot – Americollect does not believe gossip is good for the organization and will remove players for “stirring the pot.”
5. Only See Good – Americollect believes in seeing the good in all that we encounter.
6. Eye-Level Service – Americollect believes in providing Eye-Level Service. Eye-Level comes from the carpentry world where perfection is demanded at the level that the client sees. “Clients” range from Americollect’s clients to co-workers, to regulators, and last but not least patients. We demand perfection in these areas.
7. Bringing Value to Those We Encounter – Americollect believes in doing more than we get paid for to make an investment in our future. We encourage our team to anticipate the needs of our “clients.” We encourage our team to provide education to our “clients.”
8. Growth – Americollect believes in growth and development. Americollect supports self-growth through experience, observation, introspection, reading, and discussion. Americollect believes in challenging ourselves to become more than what we currently are.
9. Technology – Americollect embraces and believes that technology can improve the lives of our “clients.”
10. 75% People – 25% Metrics – Americollect understands that culture matters more that metrics but metrics deserves attention as well.
11. Communication – Americollect believes in intentionally communicating with all of our team members. This includes monthly all team member meetings to the mundane daily communications to our team members. We will intentionally communicate to ensure we are all on the same page.
12. Celebration – Americollect will celebrate our successes and life changing moments for the company and team members.

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